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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Goku and Vegeta?

Sometimes Goku and Vegeta enjoy each other's company as friends; other times they are bitter rivals through and through. Goku and Vegeta have one of the most complex relationships in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. When they first met, Vegeta was set on killing his Saiyan lesser.

Who is stronger, Goku or Vegeta?

T.L.;D.R. Goku appears stronger than Vegeta because he's a duelist and has techniques designed to focus and beat a single opponent or to adapt to his style. Vegeta on the other hand was trained as a soldier and military commander and his area of effect attacks, great on a battlefield, are less effective vs. a single opponent.

How did the final battle between Goku and Vegeta end?

After Goku was downed by Sorbet, Vegeta ensured that Goku could be retrieved and given a Senzu Bean after his brush with death, and when Goku and Future Trunks were beaten down by Zamasu and Goku Black, it was Vegeta's last-minute Final Flash that disrupted their finishing move.

What does training for Goku and Vegeta entail?

Goku had already unlocked Super Saiyan and was training on an alien world called Yardrat to learn Instant Transmission–a power that later proves to be greater than that of an angel. Meanwhile, Vegeta is seemingly just as powerful as he was when Frieza killed him roughly a year earlier.

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