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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download YouTube videos?

Downloading YouTube Videos with a Browser Add-onOpen the YouTube website and choose a video you want to download.Click on the video to open it, and a “ Download Option ” will instantly pop up underneath the video.Click on the “ Download option ” and choose your preferred video format and resolution.Click “ Download ” and your video will be downloaded and saved to your device.

How to download YouTube videos?

How to Download Youtube Videos? Copy and Paste YouTube URL into the search box, then click "Start" button. Choose the File Format & Video Quality, then click "Download" button

How do you get HD videos on YouTube?

Tips to Enjoy HD Videos on YouTube after UploadWhen you watch videos on YouTube, be sure to manually set the resolution as 720P or 1080P. ...When enjoying HD videos on YouTube, it asks for a faster Internet connection and a stable Internet environment.Add &fmt=22 behind your YouTube address, such as And then refresh the page. ...

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