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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I install an older version of appserv?

If you install an older version of AppServ, it may contain security vulnerabilities that were patched or fixed in subsequent versions. If you have to install an older version, check if there are any security advisories that apply to the version.

What can appserv do for You?

Quickly and easy to install Apache, PHP, MySQL. Don’t need any skill for setting up step by step. Can turn your PC to Web Server and Database Server. AppServ is FREE for everyone in this world.

What are the different versions of Apache appserv?

Apache 1.3.31 AppServ v 2.4.1 AppServ v 2.5.0 AppServ v 2.4.0 AppServ v 2.3.0 AppServ v 2.2.0 AppServ v 2.1.0 AppServ v 2.0.0 AppServ v 1.9.0 AppServ v 1.8.0 AppServ v 1.7.0 AppServ v 1.6.0 AppServ v 1.5.0

Isappserv free for beginners?

AppServ is FREE for everyone in this world. Raspberry Pi 4 Workshop for you IoT with PHP CLI mode you can create your own Server and IoT at home easy to control your IoT device with the simple script from PHP. If you don’t know about Raspberry Pi 4 or IoT device. This course can help you to know it.

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