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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dot and how does it work?

dot allows you to collect payments on the fly. With a single tap share your Venmo, PayPal, Or Cash App. Never miss the chance to connect with a new friend, colleague, or follower. Share all of your social accounts in a single tap. Tap a dot/card to the back of any smartphone and instantly share your dot profile via near field communication (nfc)

What is a dot profile?

dot profiles are viewed directly through a browser making dot compatible with all smartphones.

What's the difference between Dot classic and Dot thin?

The dot.classic is durable and can be stuck to any surface. And the dot.thin works great under a phone case! Can't decide? No worries we got you covered, get the bundle and save!

What is a one time purchase of a dot device?

With a one time purchase of a dot device, skip the monthly fees and enjoy a life full of seamless connections. Display your contact information in an elegant and organized way. Customize the color of your profile along with dark mode variations.

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