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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I donate to a charity in India?

You can donate whatever you want, and how much you want. It can be just 100 Rs. or a single T-shirt. It can be Rs. 10,000, or a box full of clothes. You can donate according to your own choice.

How to donate blood in India now?

Here's how to donate to India, now. HelpNow, an ambulance network set up by students, is a 24/7 logistics network that is helping transport COVID patients, medical workers, and life-saving medical supplies, including blood and organs. They are accepting donations on their Ketto page.

Why donate to help India’s marginalized children?

You can make a big difference to their lives! How will my donation help? Why Donate? Your contributions help us serve India’s most marginalized children and ensure that they are able to go to school, get proper nutrition and healthcare and stay protected from abuse and exploitation.

How to donate eyes in India?

In case of a demise and as per the person’s wish to donate eyes, please call us on 9480588394 or 7022161111. We will help you in reaching out to the eye bank in your location. We have the access to information of eye banks located across India.

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