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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my dog has tapeworms?

If your dog has a heavy tapeworm infection, they may lose weight, even though they are eating normally. Your vet will confirm a diagnosis after 1) seeing segments crawling on your dog or 2) seeing segments or eggs in your dog’s poop under a microscope.

Is it safe to let my dog roam unsupervised if they have tapeworms?

Work with your vet to keep your dog on a de-worming plan. Don't let your dog roam unsupervised, especially in places where other dogs or animals have been. Clean up after your pet, especially in your yard and in parks. It's rare, but people can get tapeworms from their pets.

How do you prevent tapeworms in dogs?

Dog owners can prevent tapeworms by using over-the-counter products such as the following. Apple cider vinegar is made from cider vinegar. Garlic and apple cider vinegar are purported to be natural preventatives that increase the microbe population in the normal gut environment byinhospitating it.

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