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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Revolution for dogs and cats require a prescription?

Does Revolution Require A Prescription? Revolution is an FDA-approved, topically applied medicine for dogs and cats which protects them from different parasites, including ticks, fleas, mites, and heartworm. Revolution generally requires a prescription, but you can also purchase it online without one.

Where can I get a prescription for revolution?

Ours was $20 less from Chewy!! A prescription for Revolution shouldn't require a vet visit. Call the vet and ask if a prescription can be faxed or emailed to wherever you want to buy the product from. and 1800PetMeds among other web sites sell Revolution and usually ask for a prescripton or your vet's contact info.

Do I need a prescription for Revolution/Stronghold?

And, by all means be wary of using any company that does not require a prescription, as heartworm meds for cats are regulated by the FDA and, therefore, require a veterinarian’s prescription. In the USA. I don't think many other countries require prescription for Revolution/Stronghold.

How often should I take Revolution for my Dog?

medicine once a month, or else it may be harmful to your dog. There are generally two categories of Revolution for difs. One is that you get from a prescription and the other one is you get without a prescription. It is the Revolution you are using with the proper consultation of the veterinarian.

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