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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using DocuSign?

DocuSign makes signature approval workflows faster and allows the redesign of workflows to streamline business processes. You can send documents in a variety of file formats to multiple people and check on the status of signatures. Integrates with third-party applications like Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Box, and many others.

How do I login to DocuSign?

How do I login to DocuSign? Option 1: You can visit and click the yellow “UCI DocuSign Login” button at the top left. Enter your UCInetID and password, and then multifactor authenticate (if enabled). Option 2: You can also visit and click “Log In” at the top right.

How many customers and users does DocuSign have?

DocuSign has over 1 million customers and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries. [5] Signatures processed by DocuSign are compliant with the US ESIGN Act [6] and the European Union's eIDAS regulation, including EU Advanced and EU, Qualified Signatures. [7]

How do I view my DocuSign documents?

Open the DocuSign "Completed" email. Click REVIEW DOCUMENT to open the documents in your browser. OR Copy the multi-character security code at the bottom of the email, go to, and click Access Documents. Paste the security code from the DocuSign Completed email, and click GO. The document that you signed opens.

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