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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your chances of getting divorced?

The average employed woman has only a two percent chance of getting divorced by the time she's 30, a 19 percent chance by 50, and a 38 percent chance at 72 and over. So, despite the depressing statistics you may ordinarily hear, the odds are actually good that your marriage will last.

What is a good reason to get divorced?

Here are six good reasons for divorce that are also warning signs, especially when a spouse refuses to get treatment to change his/her behavior. Control: Attempts to control spouses’ behavior, friends, finances, or activities by using threats, anger, or excessive criticism are often the first signs of abusive relationships.

How to find out if I'm legally divorced?

Call the courthouse in the county and state where you last lived together. If you were lucky enough to find a divorce notice with the newspaper, this will lead you to the court in the correct county; the legal notice will include the court's name. Ask the clerk to search computer records for your name.

Can divorced persons marry?

Most states no longer have a waiting period before you can get married again after a divorce, but not so long ago divorced people would have to wait up to a year in some states before they could remarry. As late as the 60s and 70s, Arizona (1966), California (1965), Delaware (1949) and Iowa (1976) required a one-year waiting period.

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