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What does distributor mean?

The impact of Brexit has been felt across the industry and the COVID pandemic has also caused major headaches for producers, wholesalers, importers, distributors, retailers and foodservice companies alike - as well as consumers. So, what has 2021 seen ...

What do distributors mean?

A distributor is an intermediary entity between a the producer of a product and another entity in the distribution channel or supply chain, such as a retailer, a value-added reseller ( VAR) or a system integrator ( SI ). The distributor performs some of the same functions that a wholesaler does but generally takes a more active role.

What is a good distributor?

The Bastrop County Commissioners Court on Monday approved a 30-page COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan to help guide the county as it aims to inoculate residents against the virus. The formal document, created by Bastrop County Health Authority Dr. Desmar Walkes, outlines how the county will help provide vaccines to the public.

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