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Frequently Asked Questions

Is run capacitor and start capacitor the same?

The differences between a run capacitor and a start capacitor can be bewildering. However, with a clear understanding of what each type of capacitor is, this confusion can easily be resolved. Run capacitors are more commonly used in air conditioning systems than start capacitors.

Who makes Mallory capacitors?

Mallory. The North America Capacitor Company (NACC) is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Today, NACC continues to manufacture and market Mallory capacitors at its modern manufacturing and warehouse facilities located in Greencastle, Indiana and Glasgow, Kentucky. Capacitors and Hardwares.

What is the price of a capacitor?

The price depends on the brand, model, and whether it's single or dual-run. The average cost to replace a capacitor is around $170, though some AC capacitor prices can be up to $400. Your AC capacitor cost will depend on the unit’s price and the labor required for installation.

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