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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of dispute?

Some examples of disputes often settled by ADR include but are not limited to: Business disputes- contracts, partnerships. Property / Land use disputes- property transfers, boundaries, easements. Family disputes- divorce, property, custody, visitation, support issues.

What is the meaning of dispute?

dispute(Verb) To oppose by argument or assertion; to controvert; to express dissent or opposition to; to call in question; to deny the truth or validity of. to dispute assertions or arguments. dispute(Verb) To strive or contend about; to contest.

What is the definition of dispute?

Use dispute in a sentence. noun. The definition of a dispute is a disagreement among people. An example of a dispute is the different positions people take on global warming.

What is another word for dispute?

Another word for dispute. Noun. contravention, dispute - coming into conflict with. conflict, difference, difference of opinion, dispute - a disagreement or argument about something important. Example:- he had a dispute with his wife.

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