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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars are in the Hot Wheels set?

Hot Wheels 2019 Disney 90th Anniversary Exclusive 8 Car Set- All 8 Included. . In stock soon. . . . . . . In stock soon.

What is the “Disney character cars” category?

This category is for Disney Character Cars, vehicles with Disney decals, or vehicles seen in Disney movies. R.C. To Go Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Is there a Batcave playset for Hot Wheels?

Hot Wheels and DC Universe Team Up to Fight Crime with the Ultimate Batcave Playset! [Amazon Exclusive] . . . . . In stock soon. .

What is the model number of the Winnie the Pooh wheel?

Series 1 Series # Toy # Model Name Body Color Wheel Type 1/6 FLH47 Mickey Mouse Red & Black Yellow & White SKDisc 2/6 FLH49 Elsa Satin Blue Clear Blue RA6 3/6 FLH50 Winnie the Pooh Yellow w/ Green barrel Yellow rim OH5 4/6 FLH51 Maleficent Black Purple rim PR5 2 more rows ...

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