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Frequently Asked Questions

Which spelling is correct, 'disc' or 'disk'?

Disc or Disk: What's the Difference? When to Use Disc. A phonograph record. ... When to Use Disk. As I mentioned above, disk (with a -k) is the more usual spelling in American English. ... Gaining Popularity of Disk over Disc. Since the advent and widespread use of computers, disk has been gaining popularity in places like Great Britain and increasing its command in places ... Summary. ...

What is a CD disc used for?

A: CD-R stands for "Compact Disc Recordable.". As the name suggests, these blank CDs are used to record audio and other forms of data. A CD-R can contain music, audio files, video files, pictures, spreadsheets, documents and a variety of other files, according to Osta.

Is it spelled disk or disc?

Disk is the standard spelling for computer-related terms such as hard disk and floppy disk. Disc is the standard spelling for phonograph records, albums (in the figurative sense—a group of songs presented in sequence), and components of plows and brake systems.

Are CD discs and DVD discs the same?

Physically, a DVD and CD look the same. Both discs are the same size and typically have one side with a label and the other side that the laser reads, unless it is a double-sided DVD. However, the technology that makes up a DVD allows for the same size disc to hold a lot more data than a CD.

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