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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best jobs for disabled people?

Disabled people in vocational counselor jobs can help others with disabilities find suitable work. Other office jobs that disabled people might find appropriate are administrative assistant, data entry clerk, file clerk, office manager and receptionist.

What are the statistics of disabled people?

Statistics related to disability. Approximately 75.4 million people in the U.S. have some type of disability, with physical, sensory, mental, and self-care effects ranging from mild to severe. Nearly 61% of people over age 65 (or 18 million people) have some level of disability.

How can I help people with disabilities?

Improving the Home Environment Recognize the person's basic needs of daily living. Ensure that the person with a disability has adequate support. Make sure the home is adapted to fit the person's disability. Try internet grocery shopping and other home delivery services. Consider transferring the disabled person to a care facility.

What is a disabled person?

Disabled Person Law and Legal Definition. A disabled person refers to a person who is unable to ensure by himself or herself, wholly or partly, the necessities of a normal individual and/or social life, as a result of deficiency, either congenital or not, in his or her physical or mental capabilities.

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