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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Decibel and DB?

Decibel is used to indicate the level of acoustic waves and electronic signals. The logarithmic scale can describe very big or very small numbers with shorter notation. The dB level can be viewed as relative gain of one level vs. other level, or absolute logarithmic scale level for well known reference levels. Decibel is a dimensionless unit.

What is the meaning of DB?

dB - a logarithmic unit of sound intensity; 10 times the logarithm of the ratio of the sound intensity to some reference intensity decibel sound unit - any acoustic unit of measurement

What is the difference between DB and dBμV?

dB (μV/m) – electric field strength relative to 1 microvolt per meter. The unit is often used to specify the signal strength of a television broadcast at a receiving site (the signal measured at the antenna output is reported in dBμV). dB (fW) – power relative to 1 femtowatt.

What does DB mean in audiograms?

dB hearing level is used in audiograms as a measure of hearing loss. The reference level varies with frequency according to a minimum audibility curve as defined in ANSI and other standards, such that the resulting audiogram shows deviation from what is regarded as 'normal' hearing.

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