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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best baby diapers in Malaysia?

With over 40,000 sold on Shopee, the MIKUBI Baby Diapers is one of the most affordable diapers in Malaysia. Its soft material will not make your baby cranky. Instead, this baby diaper will provide a fresh feel for your baby. With its super absorbent, your baby’s skin will be kept dry all night and stink-free.

What are the different types of diapers available at hithuggies Malaysia?

Huggies Malaysia has a broad range of diapers that come in various sizes. There are basically two types of diapers i.e. tape or pants. In terms of materials, there are:

What kind of diapers should I buy for my Baby?

Covering your needs from diapers to the ever essential baby bags, this site has got you covered. Shop for any types of diapers available from top brands such as MamyPoko, DryPro, Drypers, Genki!, Goon, Huggies and Pureen that best fit your child.

Why choose Moony natural baby diaper pants?

Moony Natural Baby Diaper Pants use natural materials for parts of the diaper that make contact with your baby’s skin. The organic material is great for babies that are prone to rashes when sweating. Plus with the hot Malaysian weather, we recommend getting organic materials for more breathability.

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