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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for kittens to eat adult cat food?

To be honest, adult cat food does not harm your kitten and it is perfectly safe for kittens to eat adult cat food as long as they don’t try to swallow big pieces as they are. However, as mentioned earlier, your kitten need a lot of nutrients and adult cat foods just don’t have those amounts.

What happens if my kittens eat cat litter?

What Happens If A Cat Eats Litter? The lumping litter made from sodium benotite clay adheres when mixed with urine or feces and sticks together.In cats, it can cause digestive obstructions, leaving the cat with a potentially deadly intestinal problem if eaten.There may also be minerals extracted from the cat’s body by the clay including iron and potassium.

Do kittens need special cat litter?

Do Kittens Need Special Cat Litter? Kittens will need a kitten-sized litter pan and plain clay gravel cat litter. They should not have clumping or silica litter (eg. litter pearls or crystals) until they are at least a few months old and have gotten out of the phase of playing in and with the litter.

How to help baby kittens Pee and poop?

Young kittens don't pee and poop on their own; mama cats stimulate them to go to the bathroom by licking them. If you're raising an orphan, you'll need to help them by stimulating them at each feeding. 1. Stimulate the Kitten With a Soft, Absorbent Tissue At each feeding, stimulate the kitten to use the bathroom.

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