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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the diamondback se truck cover?

Made from aluminium diamond plate, the DiamondBack SE truck bed cover won't crack like fiberglass or wear out like vinyl. With a 400 lb hauling capacity, you can haul the unexpected or supplies for the weekend project while keeping those everyday items in your bed.

How does a Diamondback tonneau cover work?

This tonneau cover seals over the bed rails allowing it to lock as tight as a vault. It's engineered to channel excess water away from the bed and the neoprene perimeter gasket prevent water from entering inside your truck bed. The Diamondback SE tonneau cover is a worthy investment for your truck.

What is the best truck bed cover for the Tacoma?

A DiamondBack helps you do more with your Tacoma, whether that’s camping, biking, kayaking or your next weekend pursuit. our word for it. 100% the best truck bed cover for the Tacoma on the market. I love the ability to haul items on top, lock up valuables, the ease of install, it keeps things dry, and I can easily add racks.

What is the diamondback se?

The DiamondBack SE is an aluminum diamond plate tonneau cover that comes in a matte black or aluminum finish. It features four tie-down cleats to secure large cargo on the top of the cover and has a 400 pound hauling capacity.

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