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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is diamond Grillz located in Atlanta GA?

We are located in the legendary East Atlanta Village neighborhood. We take pride in offering quality Custom Gold Grillz. Not only do we offer Custom Gold & Silver Grillz , but also Diamond Grillz. We set i1, Si, VS & VVS Diamonds by request & budget.

What is a real diamond Grillz?

Real diamond grillz are iced out teeth sets made using natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are naturally made by the earth’s pressure, at least 85 miles under the earth’s mantle.

Are diamond teeth the perfect look for You?

If you want to achieve the same look as some of your idols, then diamond teeth just might be the perfect touch you need to do it. If you are a fan of rap, then surely one of your favorite music artists has flaunted their style with a nice pair of diamond or iced grillz.

How many diamonds do I need to set my teeth?

This will give the best possible finished look. At Luxe Grillz, we typically use anywhere from 65-90 diamonds in each tooth that we set (depending on the size of your teeth), totaling around 1.0 diamond carats per tooth.

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