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Frequently Asked Questions

What is diamonddiamond press?

Diamond Press is a simple, affordable, manual die cutting and embossing machine. Check out our dies, stamps & foil to craft and create something great. There's much to see here. Explore our die cutting and embossing tools, dies ...

Why choose Janesville tool and manufacturing for punch press die sets?

Manufacturers have trusted the quality of our punch press die sets since the 1950s. Contact us now for die sets with the impressive longevity of Janesville Tool and Manufacturing itself. We’re based in Janesville and have served Wisconsin’s press and die set needs since our founding.

Where can I buy used stamping presses?

Diamond Press Solutions is your trusted source for all used machinery including used stamping presses and press room equipment. Browse our extensive inventory of straight-side presses, servo presses, gap-frame presses, forklifts, press room equipment, robots, overhead cranes, and more!

Where can I buy a die cutting machine?

If die cuts had a universal slogan it would be: "Scrappers: You're Welcome". Here you'll find die cutting machines, dies and accessories. has the largest selection of all things to DIE for (groan), and you're sure to find what you need for any project.

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