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Frequently Asked Questions

What is diamonddiamond press?

Diamond Press is a simple, affordable, manual die cutting and embossing machine. Check out our dies, stamps & foil to craft and create something great. There's much to see here. Explore our die cutting and embossing tools, dies ...

What is the best die cutting press?

Listed below is the die cutting presses currently manufactured by ATOM SpA & Chiesa Artorige; the most complete line of cutting systems in the world. ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses: The ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses are the ideal press for die cutting sheets of various materials with small cutting dies.

What is a full head beam die cutting press used for?

ATOM & CHIESA Full Beam Die Cutting Presses: The ATOM & CHIESA line of Full Head Beam Die Cutting Presses are widely used when high cutting power and/or large cutting dies are required.

What are the features of atom traveling head die cutting presses?

The main features of the ATOM Traveling Head Die Cutting Presses are: high speed of trolley displacement & cutting, automatic adjustment of cutting power, dynamic brake system, low maintenance costs, low power absorption, consistent cutting power, and advanced control & safety systems on CE certified models.

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