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Frequently Asked Questions

How to paint with diamonds?

Diamond Painting Pro Tips 1 First and foremost, remember to choose a kit that will keep you happy for a looong time! 2 Carefully check out your canvas before beginning and organize all your crystals in a tray with the flat side down. 3 Have you heard of working your way up? ... More items...

How long will it take to receive my diamond painting kit?

In stock diamond painting kits from USA are usually delivered in 3-7 business days . For destinations where postal services are heavily affected by COVID-19, delays of 1-2 weeks may be expected. Any postal delays once product is shipped are outside our control.

Why buy a diamond painting set?

Whether you are a natural-born artist or simply love to paint to entertain your kids or children in your family, having a diamond painting set can help you create unique works of art. Not only do these sets allow you to have more fun, but the quality of the diamond painting can really enhance the look of the item. .

What is diamond art?

Diamond Art is therapeutic in any form, and when paired with your happy memories, beautified with glossy diamonds, it becomes a lifelong treasure. Transform Your Photo into Diamond Painting!

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