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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Diamond Oaks golf course?

Diamond Oaks Golf Course is one of the greater Sacramento region's most popular facilities. Serving the community since 1963, Diamond Oaks offers golfers of all levels an enjoyable golf experience.

Where can I play golf in Roseville?

Woodcreek Golf Club Woodcreek Golf Club Diamond Oaks Golf Course Diamond Oaks Golf Course [email protected] [email protected] 916-771-4649 916-783-6081

When is day on the Oaks at Diamond Oaks?

* Day on the Oaks #6 scheduled for Wednesday Sept 29th at Woodcreek has been moved to Diamond Oaks. It will now be an eclectic event Local Rules- June 2020 Ed. The Roseville Golf Club's home golf course is Diamond Oaks Municipal Golf Course in Roseville, CA.

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