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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hydrogen atoms does it take to make a helium?

The fusion chain from hydrogen to helium is actually more than just taking 2 hydrogen atoms and making helium. You actually need 6 protons to make a helium nucleus in a chain of reactions ( called the pp-chain) that ends up producing 1 helium-4 nucleus, 2 positrons, 2 neutrinos, gamma rays, and 2 leftover protons.

How many electrons are in a helium atom?

There are 2 electrons in the helium atom. (of course, in normal condition). Helium has an atomic number of 2. So for an atom to be known as a helium atom, it must have 2 protons. The amount of electrons must be the same as the number of protons in the atom for it to be neutrally charged.

What is the atomic model for helium?

The Bohr model of helium (He) is the simplest design of an atom. Helium has an atomic weight of 4 and an atomic number of two. This means that it has two protons and two neutrons and two electrons (full first shell). As a result, it is a stable representation of modern valence theory.

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