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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of diagrams?

Types of UML Diagrams. The current UML standards call for 13 different types of diagrams: class, activity, object, use case, sequence, package, state, component, communication, composite structure, interaction overview, timing, and deployment.

What is a symbol of Science?

Symbol. (Science: mathematics) Any character used to represent a quantity, an operation, a relation, or an abbreviation. In crystallography, the symbol of a plane is the numerical expression which defines its position relatively to the assumed axes . 3. An abstract or compendium of faith or doctrine; a creed, or a summary of the articles of religion .

What is a GED in science?

The GED Science test is a 90-minute, single section test. The test covers three major topics. These are Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science. The two themes of the test are Human Health and Living Systems and Energy and Related Systems.

What is a segment in science?

A plane figure enclosed by the chord of a circle or of an ellipse and the arc cut off by it. The segment of a sphere or of an ellipsoid is the portion cut by a plane.

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