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Frequently Asked Questions

Can MRI diagnose ALS?

Scans such as magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, can’t directly diagnose ALS. That’s because people with the condition have normal MRI scans. But they are often used to rule out other diseases.

How do doctors diagnose ALS?

If ALS is suspected, your doctor may order electrodiagnostic tests, such as an electromyography or a nerve conduction velocity test. These tests provide information on the transmission of nerve signals to your muscles. Your doctor may also order blood and urine samples, or perform a spinal tap to examine spinal fluid.

How to detect ALS?

Diagnostic Tests for ALS. Tiny electrodes are placed in the muscles in the arms and legs and the electronic responses are observed using an instrument that displays movement of an electric current (oscilloscope). As muscles contract, they emit a weak electrical signal that can be detected, amplified, and tracked,...

What can a MRI detect?

MRI can be used to diagnose disorders that cause changes in the brain such as bleeding, alterations in brain tissue or structure such as brain swelling and infiltrative disorders such as inflammation or brain tumors. MRI can be used to diagnose stroke, which occurs when blood flow to the brain stops.

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