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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best meals for a diabetic?

Diabetics should eat foods low in saturated and trans fats, added sugars, cholesterol and sodium. The best food choices for diabetics are vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, nonfat dairy, lean meats, poultry, fish and beans, according to the American Diabetes Association 2 ⭐ American Diabetes Association: What is a Diabetes Meal Plan?

What is a healthy meal plan for a diabetic?

A diabetes diet is a healthy-eating plan that's naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. Key elements are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In fact, a diabetes diet is the best eating plan for most everyone.

What is the recommended diet for a diabetic?

Results. Because a diabetes diet recommends generous amounts of fruits, vegetables and fiber, following it is likely to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer. And consuming low-fat dairy products can reduce your risk of low bone mass in the future.

Do people with diabetes have to eat special diabetic meals?

A: No, you don't need special food. Packaged foods with special "diabetes-friendly" claims may still raise blood glucose levels, be more expensive, and/or contain sugar alcohols that can have a laxative effect. A healthy meal plan for people with diabetes is generally the same as healthy eating for anyone.

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