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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CB mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of CB. : a range of radio frequencies that people and especially truck drivers use to talk to each other over short distances often while driving also : a radio that uses this range of frequencies. cb.

What is CB radio?

• A social network for people who enjoy the personal touch of real conversation. • An easy-to-use simulation of a ham radio, a CB radio, and a walkie-talkie, all in one. •CB does not use Citizen's Band radio frequencies.

Why choose CB structures?

CB Structures was launched to provide services exclusively to contracting entities. In 2006, CB Structures expanded and today employs more than 100 full-time team members. CB Structures now maintains its own client base and offers its talent and expertise to the region’s development community including these featured projects.

What's new at CB?

The legend has returned, bringing the effortless, cool vibe of fashion and skiing’s most epic era to the streets and ski slopes of the twenty-first century. A selection of CB’s well-known and beloved original designs are available now in updated technical fabrics and insulation.

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