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Frequently Asked Questions

Is deviantART good or bad?

The good things about Deviantart still are the community and getting to put your artwork in groups. People join groups out of a common interest and when you submit your art to a certain group (or groups), other people you don’t know will find your art and they can comment on and favorite it.

Is deviantART free to join?

Well, yes. It's totally free to make a DeviantArt account and upload your art. Unless you get a core membership, where you pay a certain sum every year to get special privileges…. Personally I don't think I'd bother; I was gifted core membership and really the special privileges aren't that great.

What is wrong with DeviantArt?

People hate the redesign the same reason they hated the Reddit redesign - it shifts the target demographic away from the established superusers and introduces unfamiliarity to a product the majority were very familiar with. DeviantART has probably had 6 or 7 redesigns and most of them were hated, for this reason.

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