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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best app to track gear in Destiny 2?

Destiny Sets: A web app to track what gear you already have, organized per themes/seasons. Find Xur (iOS): There are many apps and sites that track Xur, but this one is clean and functional. My personal favorite. For some reason, Destiny 2 doesn’t have an in-game Fireteam finder.

What are the Best Destiny 2 Stat trackers?

Destiny Tracker has a massive database with everything that exists in Destiny 2, but on top of that, they are the best PVP stat tracker available. If you’re serious about PVP, you need to check them out. is another massive D2 database.

What is the Destiny 2 companion app?

The official Destiny 2 Companion app keeps you connected to your Destiny adventure wherever life takes you. Sign in using PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, and Stadia. DIRECTOR - See the latest featured content. Track your progress towards bounties, quests, and challenges. Discover what events and activities are live in the game.

Is there a way to find people to play Destiny 2 with?

Luckily, this official companion app has a good LFG (looking for group) system, plus an inventory manager and quest tracker. With close to 100,000 members, this SubReddit is one of the most engaged communities dedicated to helping you find people to play Destiny 2 with, be it to tackle challenging content or farm something.

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