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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Destiny 2 become free to play?

Nearly two years after its grand launch, the good people at Bungie will officially be turning Destiny 2 into a free-to-play title. Specifically, from 17 September 2019 onwards.

How much does Destiny 2 cost?

The answer depends on which version of the game you were hoping to buy. If you’re looking to go home with the standard edition of Destiny 2, it’ll cost you $59.99 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For some players, however, the standard edition just isn’t enough. For these fans, the Digital Deluxe Edition might be the better choice.

Where can I download Destiny 2 PC?

To download and install Destiny 2 for PC, click on the "Get Destiny 2" button. You will be taken to the product page on the official store (mostly it is an official website of the game). Please, follow next instructions: Press the button and open the official source.

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