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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe JFK as a charismatic leader?

John F. Kennedy as a charismatic leader time and again fluent the hallucination by means of descriptions and tales in behaviour that each human being can be aware of his mental picture or image. The persons who support him usually saw him as individual that have power over and capability to create in individuals mind the prospect with transparency.

What made JFK a good president?

He was one of the history’s youngest Presidents, but John Fitzgerald Kennedy got things done. He led the free world fearlessly through the Cuban Missile Crisis. He fuelled the United States through the Space Race. He even negotiated his nation through the trickiest moments of the Civil Rights Movement.

What did JFK do during his first year in office?

During his first year in office, Kennedy oversaw the launch of the Peace Corps, which would send young volunteers to underdeveloped countries all over the world. Otherwise, he was unable to achieve much of his proposed legislation during his lifetime, including two of his biggest priorities: income tax cuts and a civil rights bill.

What is John F Kennedy's leadership style?

By his charismatic leadership style, Kennedy was able to engage the nation, to inspire and to motivate the people by communicating a clear vision of the future. Kennedy has utilized many media to begin his process of leadership.

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