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Frequently Asked Questions

What is descriptive video service?

Descriptive Video Service is also known simply as Descriptive Video. Using professional narrators and script writers, Descriptive Video Service researches what is going on in a video broadcast, in order to generate narratives that can help blind or visually impaired people to understand more about the video in question.

What do we do at described video?

What We Do. Described video (or audio description) makes media accessible to more people – that is why so many organizations trust our expertise. We have produced described video over the last 10 years in English, French and Spanish.

What does audio description service experts do?

Audio description service experts: Audio description for TV, movies, advertisements, PSAs, games, educational videos, and more, is all we do, and all we’ve been doing for 17 years. We are guided by our advisory council: people who are blind who tell us what makes for great audio description.

What is described video or descriptive audio?

Described Video also known as Descriptive Video or Descriptive Audio is a narrated voice over for a TV show, documentary or a film’s main visual elements for a hard of hearing audience. It has been mandated by ADA and CRTC. What is Described Video?

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