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Frequently Asked Questions

What is depthdepth profiling?

Depth profiling aims at determining the local composition of the material as a function of its depth beneath the surface. Instead of measuring directly the changes incomposition as a function of depth, the intensity of the signal is usually measured as a function of time.

What is a survey depth profile?

This method of acquiring a depth profile is called a “Survey Depth Profile” because it provides a complete survey analysis of the sample at every depth interval. One does not have to know what is in the sample before analyzing it because every element is detected at every depth interval.

What is depth profiling by GDMS?

Depth profiling by GDMS is in use for the study of the mechanism of corrosion of zircaloy cladding of nuclear fuels by measuring the diffusion of impurities in the ZrO2 layers ( Actis-Dato et al., 2000 ).

What is the depth profile of a doped sample doped by PD?

A depth profile of a sample doped by PD (5%B2 H 6 /He) is shown in Fig. 1. It exhibits a very high surface concentration and extends to less than 25 nm at the 1×18 cm −3 level. The deeper region corresponds to a plasma potential of about 700 eV. The highly concentrated region at the very surface is attributed to chemical adsorption.

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