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What does tinef mean?

Tinef in Eastern-European Yiddish means "filth," not "junk." This is how it is defined both by Uriel Weinreich in his "Modern English-Yiddish Yiddish-English Dictionary" and by Nahum Stutchkoff in...

What does Tenen mean?

The phrase "locum tenens" is a Latin term. It means "to substitute for" or "to hold the place of". In the locum tenens industry, it refers to physicians and other healthcare professionals who provide temporary cover in hospitals and other medical facilities.

What does Tennent mean?

Tennent as a boys' name is an Old English name, and the name Tennent means "tenant, renter". Tennent is a variant form of Tennant (Old English): surname used as given name. STARTS WITH Te-. ASSOCIATED WITH old english.

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