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Frequently Asked Questions

What does tenesmus mean in medical terms?

tenesmus [tənez′məs] persistent, ineffectual spasms of the rectum or bladder, accompanied by the desire to empty the bowel or bladder, or ineffectual straining to evacuate the bowel or bladder. Intestinal tenesmus is a common complaint in inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

What is tenesmus and how can it be treated?

Tenesmus is the physical feeling that you need to have a bowel movement, even if you just had one and know your colon is empty. You may try to pass stool and find that nothing comes out or only small amounts of stool leave your bowels. The sensation can be quite uncomfortable.

What is rectal tenesmus?

Rectal tenesmus, or tenesmus, is a feeling of being unable to empty the large bowel of stool, even if there is nothing left to expel. Several medical conditions can cause tenesmus.

What are the symptoms of tenesmus?

It may involve straining and discomfort during bowel movements, only to produce a small amount of stool. Symptoms of tenesmus include: If you have tenesmus, you’ll often feel the need to empty your bowels, even if there’s little to no stool to pass.

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