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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deal with evolutionary psychology?

Evolutionary Psychology is an approach to studying human behavior and cognition. It rests on a Darwinian, adaptationist approach to studying the human mind. For this reason, people who become evolutionary psychologists pursue study in multiple areas, including evolutionary biology, animal behavior, cognitive science, anthropology, behavior ...

Does evolutionary psychology explain why we do what we do?

Evolutionary psychology is one of many biologically informed approaches to the study of human behavior. Along with cognitive psychologists, evolutionary psychologists propose that much, if not all, of our behavior can be explained by appeal to internal psychological mechanisms.

What do you think about evolutionary psychology?

Evolutionary psychology is related to both macroevolution in the sense that it looks at how the human species (especially the brain) has changed over time, and it is also rooted in the ideas attributed to microevolution. These microevolutionary topics include changes at the gene level of DNA. Attempting to link the discipline of psychology to ...

What degree do I need to be an evolutionary psychologist?

To gain admission into a doctoral degree program that will pave the way for career in evolutionary psychology, one needs a bachelor’s degree and generally a good score in the GRE test. Where Does an Evolutionary Psychologist Work?

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