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What material is most ductile?

In material science, ductility is a solid material's ability to deform under tensile stress; this is often characterized by the material's ability to be stretched into a wire.The most ductile metal is platinum while the most malleable is gold.

What are some insulating materials?

Inorganic insulating materials used as installation materials are made with asbestos (asbestos millboard, paper, and felting), mixtures of asbestos and mineral cements (asbestos-diatomaceous, asbestos-tripoli, asbestos-lime-alumina, and asbestos-cement articles), or expanded rock (vermiculite and perlite).

What is durable material?

Polyester is a plastic that makes up a variety of fabrics for different uses ranging from mouse pads to seat belts to cushion filling. The polyester used clothing fabrics is known for being wrinkle resistant, durable, and good at retaining color dyes. Cotton and polyester blends are durable fabrics.

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