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Frequently Asked Questions

What does supporting documentation mean?

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS Definition. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS assist in making a case (prove a point or forward an argument) by providing additional depth and analysis for much of the case in question. See SOURCE DOCUMENTS.

What is the purpose of supporting documentation?

Supporting documentation is the initial evidence that is required as proof of identification and as justification of eligibility for a benefit. These documents are required for USCIS to make a decision on your application. Examples of supporting documentation include copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, Permanent Resident Cards, etc.

Who is responsible for providing supporting documentation?

As an employee, you are responsible for providing sufficient medical documentation to justify an absence. WorkConnections assists you by identifying what medical documentation is needed and, with authorization from you, will request it from providers on your behalf.

What are examples of supporting documents?

An example of supporting documentation is: “ UNINSURED MEDICAL EXPENSES . Evidence (itemized bills) to show what treatment was provided, when it was provided, and the charge, as well as evidence of insurance filing and payments (insurance company summary sheets or claims reports, etc.) indicating what was paid by your insurance must be included.

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