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What are the supporting cells in the nervous tissue called?

Nervous tissue also includes cells that do not transmit impulses, but instead support the activities of the neurons. These are the glial cells (neuroglial cells), together termed the [glossary term:] neuroglia. Supporting, or glia, cells bind neurons together and insulate the neurons.

What are support cells?

supporting cells. cells that provide support and protection and perhaps contribute to the nutrition of principal or other cells of certain organs. Such cells are found in the labyrinth of the inner ear, organ of Corti, olfactory epithelium, taste buds, and seminiferous tubules. Also called sustentacular cells.

What are the supporting cells in the brain called?

It has nerve cells called the neurons and supporting cells called the glia. There are two types of matter in the brain: grey matter and white matter. Grey matter receives and stores impulses. Cell bodies of neurons and neuroglia are in the grey matter.

What are the supporting cells of the nervous system?

There are two kinds of cells in the nervous system: glial cells and neurons. Glial cells, which make up the support structure of the nervous system, perform four functions: The other cells, neurons, act as the communicators of the nervous system. Neurons receive information, integrate it, and pass it along.

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