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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 5 facts about the Renaissance?

Renaissance Key Facts. Raphael's painting School of Athens shows Plato and Aristotle (center) surrounded by other philosophers from all periods of history. It is a symbolic painting suggesting the philosophical dominance of Athens, Greece, in the ancient world. The Renaissance (French for “rebirth”) followed the Middle Ages in Europe.

Did 'the Renaissance' actually happen?

Yes, there was a Renaissance, The Italian city states were the richest in the world and they had extra money in their pockets that they could play with and the revival of ancient art and literature from classical times was as trendy as anything else they could have thought of. It gave artists a platform to produce and exhibit their works.

What caused the Renaissance to begin?

The first main cause of the Renaissance was the increased interaction between different cultures and societies in the time before and during the start of the Renaissance. This is important because at the time Europe was in the midst of the Middle Ages.

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