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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install defender?

Follow the on-screen easy automatic installation instructions that appear for installing Windows Defender to your computer. Allow the setup file to automatically install Windows Defender. Do not interrupt the installation process. Windows Defender will complete and be ready for use within minutes.

How do you enable defender?

To enable Windows Defender, go to the Settings tab at the top of the Windows Defender window. Select and enable 'Real-time protection' and then click 'Save Changes.'. If the "At risk" warning is no longer visible, you know Windows Defender is working properly.

Is defender anti virus?

Windows Defender is an anti-virus that is developed by Microsoft. A virus is a type of malware where it can as well spread and infect other computers, just like a health virus. A malware is pretty much any software that can cause harm to your computer that you probably don't want on your computer.

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