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Frequently Asked Questions

What does deem mean in English?

Kids Definition of deem. : to have as an opinion She deemed it wise to wait. Keep scrolling for more. Comments on deem.

Is “deem” pretentious?

Some usage commentators consider "deem" pretentious, but its use is well established in both literary and journalistic contexts. We deem it perfectly acceptable. The principal will take whatever action she deems appropriate in this case. I deem it fitting that we mark this solemn occasion with a day of prayer and thanksgiving.

What services does deem offer?

Plumbing, Electrical, Refrigeration, HVAC, Building Automation-- DEEM Does it All! Complete Commercial Refrigeration Services: From design to installation and beyond.

What is deem work FOURCE?

Deem Work Fource, a global solution, is a suite of cloud and corporate travel software applications that saves your travelers time booking and traveling, saves you money on air, hotel and ground - and helps you both get more done in less time, with more choice. Deem Corporate Travel Solutions. Cross-platform support.

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