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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between calculated acreage and deeded acreage?

There are often small discrepancies between the calculated and deeded acreage amounts. A survey can usually determine the precise amount of acreage for a given parcel. Fewer than 10% of my transactions involve having a property surveyed.

How do I find the acreage of my property?

County mapping agents and tax assessor offices often report acreage estimates in two distinct ways. They will often show a Calculated acreage total and a Deeded acreage total. Due to the availability of excellent GIS mapping software, it is possible for them to draw the shape of a parcel and calculate (estimate) the acreage.

Why do tax assessors report fewer acres than the deed or survey?

Depending on your county or municipality and how they calculate acreages, you may notice the tax assessor reporting fewer acres than the deed or survey. Many times tax assessors will deduct the acreage associated with road, utility, or railway easements. They make these deductions because the amount of usable land has been reduced by the easement.

How big is an acre of land?

An acre is a unit of land measurement that's equal to 43,560 square feet. If you're getting a deeded acre, you're receiving legal ownership of that quantity of land.

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