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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Store listed on decksofkeyforge?

Get your store listed on the landing page of the site! I'm a gamer and software developer who is building to help everyone manage and evaluate their collection, as well as buy and sell decks!

How do you rate decks in KeyForge?

SAS Rating system. I've built a rating algorithm that rates every deck in Keyforge by Card Rating, Synergy, Antisynergy, and its total SAS rating, which is a composite of those three. Basically, it gives a reasonable estimate of the power of ANY deck in keyforge.

Is Dok owned by KeyForge?

DoK (a.k.a. is not associated with or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games, the producers of KeyForge, in any way. DoK is owned and operated by Graylake LLC. For questions or comments check out the contact me page!

What iskeykeyforge live?

KEYFORGE LIVE is an in-person KeyForge event at the Four Points by Sheraton in Milwaukee, WI. There will be $3,750 in cash prizes for the events hosted! See the website for more info. Weekly Organized Play run in GEM.

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