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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a deck boss?

This means purchasing a DECK BOSS is the best investment you could make and a must have product for any professional or DIY customer. Buy a DECK BOSS today, use it and you will understand why Perdura Pro Series Brushes are the best deck stain tools on the market today!

What's included in the deck boss pack?

✅ FREE BONUS CASE, Brush Comb and Can opening Keyring - Your DECK BOSS pack comes in a hard protective box that looks great and can be used to store after use. We also include a handy DECK BOSS brush comb and can/bottle opener keyring.

What is the filament length of a deck boss?

You can load up lots of paint, stain or oil with the 7 x 2 inch design which has a 3 inch filament length. The DECK BOSS will outlast other brushes on the market and will save you lots of money when compared to deck stain/paint pad application tools.

Why choose perdura Pro Series deck boss?

Perdura Pro Series DECK BOSS is an Australian brand and our business focus is simple, supply the best quality brushes on the market while giving the best customer support and service.

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