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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Predators of the Death-Stalker Scorpion?

Although deathstalkers are one of the most deadly organisms in their environment, they have a fair number of predators. They are attacked by other night predators such as other deathstalkers, other scorpions, centipedes , and certain types of bats*.

What does the deathstalker scorpion eat?

The prey of L. quinquestriatus includes small insects such as crickets, arachnids such as scorpions and spiders*, centipedes* and earthworms (Ross, L.K. 2008). Although deathstalkers prefer eating freshly killed organisms, if food is scarce they will also eat less fresh organisms.

What is a Death Scorpion?

Death Scorpion. The Scorpion, later known as the Deathstalker, the Killpion or the Death Scorpion, is a recurring enemy through the entire series. This variant is a yellow-green color with a purple venomous barb on its tail.

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