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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 8 GB enough for a laptop?

If the laptop includes a 1+GB graphics card, then 8GB can be plenty enough to not need the extra 8GB with such a high price. 8Gb is already meets your requirements. It is enough, you can do more upgrade later if you laptop has more slot.. 8GB should be plenty.

Is 8 GB RAM enough for gaming?

8 gb is well enough for gaming moderately, but it also depends on which game you are planning to play. Normally 8 gb of ram is enough for gaming but in the recent times as newer games came out they required more and more ram, I in my computer have 16 gb of ram and I use it for many things including gaming.

Should I go with 8GB or 16GB?

So if you are a gamer, you may be able to get away with 8GB, but we recommend going for at least 16GB . 8GB of RAM is fine for those who stick to basic productivity, or those who aren't playing modern games.

Is 8 GB enough?

8GB is enough. 8GB of RAM is a good choice for those who stick to basic productivity or those who won't play modern games. You can do plenty of productivity work without swapping out to the page file. How much RAM do you need for gaming? At least 16GB. If you want to use your laptop to play games, you'll need at least 16GB of RAM.

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