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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is David Guetta's voice?

We’ve got Chris Willis, duh, but the de facto voice of David Guetta is joined by Black Eyed Peas mama Fergie and EDM-crossover jokester gods LMFAO. Both of those features were radio royalty circa 2010, and they totally dominated in the arena of EDM-pop.

What is Guetta's best album?

Usher – “Without You” Nothing But the Beat might be Guetta’s best album. It had so many unforgettable classics, this jam featuring Usher being one of the best. Again, Usher provides the perfect sing-along hook over Guetta’s higher-than-higher synth melodies.

Is nothing but the beat by David Guetta based on Retro synthcore?

Nothing But the Beat by David Guetta on Apple Music Parisian producer David Guetta’s follow-up to the crossover success of 2009’s One Love is noticeably more based in the retro tones of bygone synthcore, while also boasting an impressive roster of A-list guests.

Did Rihanna collaborate with David Guetta?

Before she was tapped as Calvin Harris’ favorite house-pop vocalist, Rihanna teamed up with David Guetta in the studio for this filtered-out dance floor hit. It wasn’t as huge as “We Found Love” or other Guetta productions from 2010’s One More Love, but it did chart as high as 51 on the Billboard Hot 100. 14. David Guetta – “Atomic Food”

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